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Gabriel Rodriguez

Court Diversion and Pretrial Administrative Assistant


My name is Gabriel Rodriguez, I was born and raised for a while in West Palm Beach, Florida, and have been living in Harwinton, Connecticut since 2007. Since high school I have always had my eyes set on law from my participation in mock trials and the debate team. I was convinced by my teacher who ran both of those programs, whom I had met through our mutual hobby interest in Magic; The Gathering. I enjoy games like it and others because they encourage me to think on a complex level and help hone my creativity, assessment skills and critical thinking. I am currently a student at Champlain College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Law, which I plan to graduate with this spring, 2023. I hope to attend a top law school, or at least one relatively close to home. I have been running Champlain’s fighting game club for about two years and have on multiple occasions run tournaments and events, the largest being for Champlain’s Extralife Charity event. I am somewhat of a chatterbox, but I make sure to get work done efficiently and pick up new skills quickly. I am really excited to be on the team to not only gain experience but help people in need in an organized and productive manner!


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