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Brigid Blazek

Victim Services Specialist


After 2.5 years as a Victim Advocate in Phoenix, AZ, I am honored to join the Burlington Community Justice Center in their mission to address the impact of crime in the community. In my role as a Victim Services Specialist I strive to meet the needs of victims/survivors/affected parties by being a resource for community services, a link to the police investigation process, and an agent of empowerment. My passion for making a positive community impact started in college when I was introduced to the field of Public Health. I graduated from The University of Arizona in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Community Health. After graduation I worked at a substance abuse recovery center for women before moving to New York City where I worked as an Administrative Assistant. While satisfied with my life in New York City, I felt something was missing professionally and decided to go back to school. In 2016 I graduated from The State University of New York-Albany with a Master’s of Public Health in Social Behavior and Community Health. I believe my work in Victim Services falls under the umbrella of public health by working with multiple stakeholders to restore justice so that community members have fair access to services and programs. I am happy to call Burlington, VT my new home and like to enjoy the city with runs along the waterfront, iced lattes at outdoor cafes, and reading in the parks.


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